According to the theme because it is included in the assessment factor

Team should contains 2 for minimum members and 3 for maximum members

The criterias for top 60 are based on the video content and quality of the business idea that showed.
The evaluation is fully do by the committee to select the top 60.

Last year, we conducted the allowance session with a closed presentation mechanism. Last year's participant are about 75 teams and performed well by the committee at the time. Closed presentations will be conducted in the presence of two judges, with an assessment mechanism using technology-based realtime scoring system

The selection of the top 12, shall be conducted based on judges' judgement. Closed presentations will be divided into 3-4 classes, and will be selected 3-4 best teams of each class. The best presentation of each class will advanced into top 12. This assessment uses technology-based realtime scoring system that are transparant and agreed upon by the judges.

Presentation in final, basically just repeating the presentation at the preliminary round. The top 12 teams who qualify for the final will be presentation with similar material in the allowance, but the final round will be held with an open presentation system. Competitors and people can enjoy the presentation of this business idea.

The selection for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners will be taken from the judges'judgement, with the same criteria, but different team, to keep the independence of the assessment.

This mechanism also strenghtened by the committee who will always do double check to the participants of CBCC 2019 to anticipate participants who have already won the previous competition with national scale.